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Climate and Health Profile

In Step 1 of Building Resilience Against Climate Effects (BRACE), the Climate Profiles and Vulnerability Assessment includes the following:

  1. Climate profiles for:
  2. Conceptual pathways identify risk factors, populations at risk, vulnerable infrastructure, systems, and physical features, and near- and longer -term health impacts for each climate impacts. The table also identifies the Executive Office of Health and Human Service (EOHHS) and Emergency Preparedness Regional Coalition (EPRC) regions potentially impacted by these climate effects and communities within each of these regions.
  3. A key feature of Step 1 of the BRACE framework is to provide information to local officials about the populations that are most vulnerable to changing climate effects. Local officials can then use this information to identify the number of vulnerable residents in the community or census tract to better prepare for and respond to climate-related impacts such as extreme heat or weather events. MDPH/BEH worked with MassGIS to develop an interactive mapping system. Further information on the current list of vulnerability indicators and access to the mapping system can be found here.

A summary of the Climate and Health Profile for Massachusetts can be found here.  To print the Climate and Health Profile, a downloadable pdf summary of can be found here.  We have also developed Climate and Hazard Assessment Profiles (CHAPs) that describe the climate hazard, vulnerable populations, and interventions for each of the climate hazards. These can be found in the “following links”

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