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Mammography Inspections

Person getting a mammogram

A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast tissue. Mammography is used to determine if cancerous (malignant) tissues are present in the breast. Early detection of breast cancer by mammography may lead to a greater range of treatment options, including less-aggressive surgery (e.g., lumpectomy vs. mastectomy) and other therapies.

Radiation Control Program inspectors examine many aspects of a mammography facility, including: qualifications of the Radiologist, Medical Physicist, and the Mammographer(s); quality assurance/quality control tests required by the manufacturer of the mammography unit; image quality assessments; records review; assessment of patient positioning for image quality; and review of the facility's policies and procedures manual. Facilities that meet Massachusetts regulations for mammography services are rated as "compliant", while those that do not meet regulatory requirements are designated as "in violation". If the facility is in violation, it is required to submit a written plan of correction for all violations identified, which is reviewed again at the next annual inspection.

To maintain a license to operate, a mammography facility must meet Massachusetts regulatory requirements. The results of the state inspections are shown on this web page. Mammography facilities are also inspected under the Federal Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA). These inspections are carried out under contract with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Results of the MQSA inspections may be viewed on the FDA websites shown under "Related Links" in the right sidebar.

The Radiation Control Program maintains a database of all licensed mammography facilities on this portal. This information may be helpful to you in selecting a mammography facility.

The database will also show the most recent inspection record and whether the mammography facility was in compliance with the regulations.

Data Considerations

When reviewing and interpreting mammography inspection data, it is important to take into consideration the following:

  • Factors that result in a facility receiving a violation range from record keeping lapses to problems with image development, professional training, and or issues with the mammography unit itself.
  • Each inspection report documents conditions observed at the facility on the day the inspector was present and may not reflect a facilities compliance over an extended period of time.
  • Inspection data available for review on this website is limited to conditions noted at the time of the inspection. Plans of correction that are submitted by a facility subsequent to an inspection are not yet available on-line.

For additional information, please read the FAQ.

Available Data on Massachusetts Licensed Mammography Facilities

Click the Explore Data link on the right toolbar to access the following reports for mammography inspections in you community. The most current available data will be shown. Be sure to check the site periodically as new data is added each year.

  • Mammography Inspection Report by Facility Name
  • Mammography Inspection Reports by Facility Location
  • Mammography Inspection Reports for an individual facility.
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