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Planning & Tools

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This section of the EPHT website is devoted to cross-cutting topics in environmental health which can assist the public, planners and decision makers in how to incorporate environmental health concerns into policy and planning activities, and to target public health projects, programs and initiatives to meet environmental health goals. Unlike topics in the Environment and Health sections, topics under Planning & Tools don't always have one data set associated with them. Instead, we often try to bring together many different kinds of information that might be helpful to consider.

Choose Safe Places for Early Care and Education (CSPECE)

The website contains a suite of tools and resources for public health professionals to learn how they can protect children where they learn and play. These include fact sheets, checklists, and a comprehensive guidance manual. This manual describes the health implications of siting child care and early learning facilities, explains the elements of ensuring sites are safe, and offers tips and tools for health departments interested in building a child care safe siting program.

Community Profiles

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health EPHT program has assembled profiles to provide a snapshot of environmental health for Massachusetts communities. Data for several health and environmental topics are presented in each profile, as well as population information. The community profiles can be used by anyone who would like to know about environmental public health in Massachusetts communities. Profiles can be used to gather data, guide public health actions, identify high-risk groups, shape policy decisions, or simply inform the curious.

Health Impact Assessment

Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is a tool to identify potential health impacts and benefits of a proposed project, program, or policy decision and recommend strategies that best protect and promote health. This section walks through the guiding principles of the HIA framework, steps in conducting an HIA, how EPHT data can be used for HIA, examples of successfully completed HIAs, and how HIAs are done at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

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