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Tutorials - How to Use Tracking

This area provides you with video, podcast and web-based training to help you navigate the MA EPHT website.



Always use a green button on the web page of interest to access a tool or data.

  • Don’t copy/paste or re-use the url that appears in your browser after clicking the button

Still not working? Try:

  1. Clearing your browsing history data
  2. Using a different browser
  3. Reaching out to: dph-ma-epht@mass.gov

The following tutorials can enhance your understanding of the website. Each tutorial provides a brief overview on the following topics:


This podcast highlights the utility of the National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network for nurses in a variety of settings. It features commentary from the American Nurses Association and stories from a public health nurse in Massachusetts.

Web-Based Training

Further online resources provide additional in EPHT training.

National CDC Resources include EPHT 101, which is a free online course hosted by the National Environmental Health Association that provides an overview of tracking in 12 modules. Additionally,Tracking in Action pages provide real world examples of how EPHT data is used by public health communities.

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